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Gloucestershire Old Spots

Gloucestershire Old Spots

The Gloucestershire Old Spots is a historic pig breed known for its distinctive white coat with black spots. It has lop ears that almost covers the face. Gloucestershire pigs were selected as excellent foragers and grazers. The pigs are thrifty, able to make a living of pasture and agricultural by products, such as whey from cheese making, windfall apples in orchards, and the residue from pressing cider.

British folklore claims the large black spots are bruises caused by the apples falling on to them as they foraged the orchard floors for food.

Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs were imported to the United States during the 1900s , and they made genetic contributions to several American breeds.


Acrylic on a paper bag (McDonald's USA 1983), 24 x 12,5 cm, 2017,

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