12 may 2024: A new series of drawings portrays a gang of loitering youth...



15 jan. 2024: New paintings in Human Nature series.



18 dec. 2023: A new painting in Ritualistic behaviour series: Nr. 4



21 oct. 2023: Upcoming: PAN Amsterdam Art Fair with Galerie Lieve Hemel. 



21 oct. 2023: A small new installation with handpainted labels on a collection of scientific specimens: 

Nature commodified



12 may 2023: You are very welcome at the groupshow "Exodus", curated by Bijbels Museum, at Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarssen. 


Exodus flyer site-720x1017 


12 april 2023: New painting on paper in Commodification of Nature series:



13 feb. 2023: New painting on paper in Commodification of Nature series: 


Natuurhistorische verzameling 5site


23 jan. 2023: Soon; a new work on paper in Commodification of Nature series , and working on a fourth oil on panel in Ritualistic behaviour series... 


12 jan. 2023: A new painting in Ritualistic behaviour and consumer symbolism series!


The Ritual 3site-720x1004


15 nov. 2022: New works on paper are part of PAN Amsterdam, with Galerie Lieve Hemel.


8 nov. 2022: A new work on paper "New Hampshire Red" is part of the group exhibition "Thuissalon",

at Galerie Z, Nijmegen, 27 nov./18 dec.


Hampshire red site


30 sept. 2022: A new work on paper in the "Human Nature" series:


Murray Grey site


16 june 2022: New works on paper in Commodification of Nature series:



17 may 2022: New work on paper in Commodification of Nature series: 


Natural study 2site-720x475


20 april 2022: Working on new works on paper and a third "Ritual" oil painting. Stay tuned!


8 april 2022: New oil painting in "Ritualistic behaviour and consumer symbolism" series:

The Ritual 2 site

7 jan. 2022: Working on a new oil painting in "Ritualistic behaviour" series and a new acrylic work on paper in "Commodification of Nature" series.


3 nov. 2021: A painting from the series "Human nature" is included in the group exhibition: 


Musee medarssite-720x1443

20 aug. 2021: Working on new project "The Commodification of Nature", coming soon!

18 july 2021: New painting in Civilization series: Sacred Commodity


1 may 2021: Working on exciting new oil paintings in "Ritualistic behaviour and consumer symbolism"  and "Civilization" series! Coming soon


21 april 2021: New painting in Industrial Evolution series:


Cyptozoologie (specimen12)site


3 apr. 2021: New acrylic painting on paper in Human Nature series: Norfolk Black


Norfolk Blacksite


2 march 2021: New acrylic and watercolour painting on paper in the series Human Nature: Alaska Pollock


Alaska Pollock site-720x534


29 jan. 2021: New painting!



2 jan. 2021: Coming soon: a new oil painting in the new series "Ritualistic behaviour and consumer symbolism".


4 sept. 2020: New works on paper at the solo exhibition "I'm lovin' it", HOK Gallery The Hague, 4 sept./23 oct.


Santa Gertrudis site-720x938


29 aug. 2020: The group exhibition Oooh... has started! 


Uitnodiging Z33 site


21 july 2020: A new work in Civilization series: Big tasty with bacon 

big tast plaat 1 site 


 2 may 2020: New works on paper and sculptures can be seen by appointment only at Contempo Galerie:


Randall site-720x917


20 march 2020: New work in Civilization series: Chicken nuggets. Due to the Covid-19 virus some planned exhibitions have been postponed, stay tuned for more info!




25 jan. 2020: Working on some new works on paper and panels for summer shows. More info coming soon!


White park site


31 oct. 2019: Upcoming exhibition: PAN Amsterdam, RAI Amsterdam, with Contempo Galerie.

With a new painting in Civilization series: 



22 aug. 2019: Upcoming exhibition: New works in Human Nature series at:

Art on paper Amsterdam, Zuiveringshal, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, 26-29 sept. With Contempo Galerie.



20 may 2019: Upcoming exhibition: 

Duo exhibition with Nadia Plesner, curated by Le Collectionneur Moderne and Kiss My Art Paris.

13-15 june, Galerie au Médicis, Paris



10 april 2019: Upcoming group exhibition at Kunstrai, Amsterdam Rai, 17-22 april, Contempo Galerie, booth 17.

With a new work in new Civilization series.


Value mealsite-720x499



7 jan. 2019: Working on new works in “Human Nature” series and new “Civilization” series.


11 nov. 2018: New installation of works in Grocery Store series at Pan Amsterdam, Contempo Galerie, booth 55. 18/25 nov. Rai Amsterdam


Grocery Store (2).jpg homepagesite


3 july 2018: 30 june/ 2 sept: New works installed at Watou Art Festival, Belgium:



Watou flyer site



25 april 2018: Upcoming exhibition:


with new works on paper:


De L'Art de Consommer, 15-17 june, Atelier Le Bel, Marseille, with Le Collectionneur Moderne.



23 march 2018: Upcoming exhibition:


Kunstrai Art Fair, 4-8 april, booth 32 Contempo Galerie, presentation of new works in Human Nature series.



15 feb. 2018: Selected works in 9th edition of French magazine "Art's Vice":


nieuws frAns-720x813


5 feb. 2018: New watercolour and acrylic work on paper in Human Nature series: Hungarian Grey



4 dec. 2017: New painting in Spontaneous generation series:



17 oct. 2017: Upcoming exhibition:


Group exhibition with Peter Zwaan and Isabelle Dijckerhoff at de Kazerne, Eindhoven with Contempo galerie, during Dutch Design week, 21/29 Oct.


Invidia medical cabinet detail 5-720x480


2 aug. 2017: Upcoming exhibition:


Docks Art Fair, 16 - 20 sept., Lyon France.


New works on paper will be exhibited by Le Collectionneur Moderne next to works by painter Aranthell in an exhibition about consumerism.



24 may 2017: Upcoming exhibition:


Kunstrai Art Fair, 31 may- 5 june, RAI Amsterdam.


New painting in Spontaneous generation series will be exhibited by Contempo Galerie, booth 29.


Nothing is yet in its true


22 march 2017: Upcoming exhibition:


Affiche De LArt de Consommer HORIZ V3 - small


16 jan. 2017: A new painting in Industrial Evolution series:

Cryptozoology, specimen 11.


17 nov. 2016:


Book "Consuming Instinct" signing session on 24 nov., PAN Amsterdam, Rai Amsterdam, Contempo Galerie, booth 55, from 18.30u. until 21.30u. Hope to see you there!




17 okt. 2016:

Now available at Jap Sam Books:


Consuming Instinct- Gurt Swanenberg


Hans November                          ISBN: 978-94-90322-76-2

Ad de Visser                                88 pages, 24,1 x 32,1 cm

Jan van Laarhoven                     Softcover (staples with dust-jacket)


Design: Studio Renate Boere



26 aug. 2016:


Upcoming exhibition: "In de ban van Bosch", Het Noordbrabants Museum, Den Bosch:




A "Bosch-inspired" exhibition with works from the Sin curiosities series next to works of Pieter Breughel, Thé Tjong-Khing and Jan Fabre. "Esculaap", a large new work in the sin series, will be part of this exhibition at the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch.


3 june 2016:


Upcoming exhibition: "Sammlungen", University of Hamburg:


an art exhibition of selected works for the curators of collections of the universities of Germany during their scientific meeting in the University of Hamburg.




26 may 2016:


New installation "Invidia" exhibited at Kunstrai Art Fair: 1-5 june, RAI Amsterdam, booth Contempo Gallery:


Invidia Pharmacy detail site-720x1080



15 march 2016:

Pop-up gallery store in Breda: 




8 march 2016:

Coming soon: New works in Sin series.


5 nov. 2015:



4 nov. 2015:

New works

New works in Grocery Store series at PAN Amsterdam, 22-29 nov. RAI Amsterdam, Contempo Galerie.




18 sept. 2015:

New work in Grocery store series:


Kippensoep nieuwe site-720x1247


18 july 2015:

Coming soon:

a new painting in Hypernature series and new works in new series "Grocery store".



26 june 2015:

Avaritia 2 nieuwe site

An article about the Sin series is published today in the art section of the Italian newspaper La Stampa:



June 2015:

The Miniature Museum continues to grow! Over the last few weeks three new artists have submitted their artworks. In fact, we're very proud that Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gurt Swanenberg and Vanessa Prager have decided to make their work available. Dutch artist Gurt Swanenberg has, for instance, submitted a truly unique artwork.

Using the skull of a newborn piglet as his canvas, he has decorated it with the logos of the world's biggest fastfood chains. The relation is obvious.

Swanenberg has used a waste product of a controversial industry to make an artwork about that same industry. However, opting for a skull of an animal does not only show his fascination with our present-day consumer society. As Swanenberg has meant it, it will also remind the viewer of the traditional chambers of curiosity and Wunderkammers of earlier centuries. Of course, that makes it perfect for the Miniature Museum of Ria and Lex Daniels.




May 2015:


New paintings will be exhibited in the booth of Contempo Galerie at Kunstrai, Amsterdam. (27-31 May, Amsterdam RAI)



March 2015:

New works

Coming soon, new works in "Grocery store" series depicting animals as food products and natural curiosities, illustrating the supermarket environment where the human species gather and hunt.